I believe that a library outranks any other one thing that a community can do to benefit its people.” – Andrew Carnegie

Beloved for generations since it first opened in 1903, the city-owned and operated Carnegie Library was returned to library service September 15, 2009. The Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation, a 501(c)-3 charitable corporation, was founded in 2008 to fund and further enhance library programming, literacy and learning for all ages … honoring the legacy of its great benefactor, Andrew Carnegie.

Please visit our site and discover how you can become involved as a patron, supporter and advocate of the dynamic, relevant and continually inventive Newnan Carnegie Library!


Upcoming Events

  • | | Carnegie upstairs

    Where to be? Carnegie!

    Check out these fun events for children of all ages!  Don’t forget to make your reservations, starting one week in advance –770-683-1347. Summer is never boring at the Carnegie, and don’t forget a great selection of children’s, teens and adult honor books for at-home reading… Thank you Newnan Kiwanis Club for partnering with us for […]

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  • | 2-4 pm | Carnegie upstairs

    “Summer of Art” starts May 11th through August 23rd

    Join us as we explore different art forms with experts from many disciplines.  Classes are limited to ten adults, all materials are provided or bring your own if preferred.  Reservations are required by calling the Carnegie at 770-683-1347 starting one week in advance of each class.  The schedule includes: Wednesday, May 11, “Introduction to Watercolors […]

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  • | | Carnegie Auditorium

    Shakespeare Sundays!

    William Shakespeare. Does the very name give you sweaty palms and heart palpitations?  A new discussion series sponsored by the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation can help you with those problems.  By looking at the bard’s plays with a contemporary eye, you may quickly discover that his words are as relevant today as they were 500 […]

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  • August 7 | 2:00 pm | Carnegie upstairs

    Othello Moor of Venice

    OTHELLO MOOR OF VENICE. Four hundred years ago Shakespeare looked at the complexities of mixed race marriage at a time when such an occurrence was virtually nonexistent.  Initially that appears to be the main focus of the play, but Shakespeare actually has more to say about jealousy than about race.  The term “green-eyed monster” originates […]

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  • September 18 | 2:00 pm | Carnegie Upstairs

    Much Ado About Nothing

    Part of the joy of these sessions for me is that I can share the plays I truly love with people who love them too, and Much Ado is quite possibly my number one favorite.  It is the traditional (formulaic) Shakespearean comedy filled with misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and love gone wrong.  What I like about […]

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  • October 9 | 2:00pm | Carnegie upstairs


    Halloween has to be dedicated to Macbeth and his three troublesome witches. As with Othello, Shakespeare was again a man ahead of his time in dealing with psychological issues before anyone even knew that psychology existed!  Lady Macbeth is the quintessential female villain for an audience unaccustomed to powerful female characters.  Add to her influence […]

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