Our Mission

When the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation was established in 2007, a Needs Assessment Survey was widely distributed in the community. After studying the results of 500 respondents, there was no doubt about what the mission of the Foundation should be. The people of Newnan wanted educational programs and lectures and a gateway to learning for preschoolers.

Children’s programming for preschoolers is a constant. Puppeteers, magicians, musicians have provided opportunities to unleash imaginations to children who might otherwise have never had these exciting and broadening experiences. And so many can walk to the Carnegie! The Foundation through its sponsors and member support, has brought in these top rated programs at no cost to the community or the the city treasury.

Since funds were not available for books to be checked out, the Foundation set up “Honor Books”.  A book drive was started resulting in a format where books  were allowed to be taken out and returned without the costly check-out, check-in system. Adults and children have loved this trusting method of sharing books.

Together our mission is to enrich the community by connecting people to the world of information and inspiration.  This is the heritage of the Newnan community and the commitment of the Newnan Carnegie Library Foundation.